Welcome to our wings-and-ale Florida 'How To' cheat sheet!


Famous Grilled Chicken Wings Technique:

Grilled chicken wings have a special thrice cooking technique.

This is how we do it -

First the chicken wings are quickly deep fried for a few minutes - this process is called 'blanching'

Next, after your order is placed, the chicken wings go back into the deep fryer to cook all the way through.

 The fried chicken wings are then tossed with signature bbq sauce and placed on the bbq grill top to complete the 'grilled chicken wings' process

yup - just like that


BabyBack Ribs:

Our Babyback ribs are smoked to perfection using the secret 'Liquid Smoke' prodcut add-in .... sssshhhh


Soups and Chili:

special thank you to campbells and chef-mate brands!


Everything else is basically frozen:

 menu items such as burgers, mahi, hot dogs, steak philly, fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, all appetizers, etc


and For Dessert...

Zeppolis - the dough from pillsbury biscuits work best for this dessert!

Simply pinch the dough in the middle to get that oblong shape and drop into the deep fryer until golden brown

Next, tap some confectioners sugar on top and/or drizzle some honey across the top and/or inject with melba raspberry sauce and triple the profit 


Draft Beer on Tap: 

another huge profit margin item... costing the house approx 40 cents per mug


Florida State Law:

FL state law mandates that a beer and wine license can't be obtained by any person who has a felony which is also why the license is not currently held under the owners name


Kids and such: 

... nope that's not my baby either


c o n a r t i s t